Kitchen Stewards in Dubai

First-Class Customer Service
First-Class Customer Service
More Than 10 Years of Experience
More Than 10 Years of Experience
Dedicated Account Management
Dedicated Account Manager
magnumplus Kitchen Steward staff are responsible for ensuring a clean and organized kitchen space and strictly comply with high hygiene standards.

Some of the stewarding tasks:

• To Clean food facilities, storage areas, kitchen utensils as well as other operational equipment

• Work in cooperation with other Kitchen employees

• Ensure there is minimum wastage and breakage

We all know what to expect from a five-star hotel, there is no doubt the chef and his team have put their best of efforts to serve you their best food. A hotel with lip-smacking food reaches fame within a short span of time in the digital world we live in but what about the end process? Someone needs to do the cleaning and the inventory check to keep the hotel running! A chef can only do so much a kitchen steward, on the other hand, has responsibilities equally of the head chef. To take orders from the chef, the manager and the team lead and put it in action is a skill that cannot be learned easily. If you are looking for kitchen stewards in Dubai, your search ends here. We at Magnum Plus will take care of that for you.

We have highly trained Kitchen stewards who are experts in what they do. With years of experience and with the demand for experts they are in high demand in Dubai. We will hire you the perfect ones that will blend with your team and will give you efficient results. Our staffs are chosen through strict guidelines and protocols.

Professional Kitchen Stewards in Dubai

Our Professional kitchen stewards in Dubai know what they are dealing with. They can work with the latest technology and are trained to clean appliances as per the needs. They possess immense knowledge of the cleaning products that are to be used. Our Kitchen Stewards follow process that is ISO 9001:2015 certified thus giving you only the best of what they can do. They follow strict hygiene and sanitization protocols, leaving the environment clean and ready to use.

Our staffs are trained to take orders and can also function on their own in rush hours thus taking the burden off your shoulders. They will ensure all their job roles are fulfilled such as keeping the workplace and surroundings clean, to clean and wash dishes according to the need and standards, they will also perform the basic tasks of taking out the rubbish. If needed they can handle guests in a courteous manner and help them with the queries with their best of efforts.

Best Kitchen Stewards in Dubai

We are rated as one of the best suppliers of kitchen stewards in Dubai who are trusted by hundreds of trusted customers and organizations. We make sure every need of the job description is satisfied by our staff. We also provide individual cleaning services such as deep cleaning services in Dubai, Commercial cleaning Services in Dubai, Office cleaning services in Dubai and much more.

To know more about the services we do contact us at +971 4 388 5404 or you can send in your details via the contact page and we will contact you once we receive the query. To reach us you can also use the free online chat option available at our website.